Open shops on Sundays

Greek Government discuss the opening of some shops 30 Sundays per year. Which shops will be able to take advantage of this reform?

Commercial shops in tourist areas; like Athens Center (shops like Attica Stores, shops in Monastiraki and Ermou Road); coastal areas from Piraeus to Sounio and areas around the Airport of Athens and Thessaloniki (shops like McArthurGlen or Smart Park in Spata) are about to be open 30 Sundays per year according latest discussions between Greek Government and the Institutions.

Government translates this lift of restrictions on Sunday opening for shops as a significant change and evolution in Greek Commercial Law.

The measure is among the recommendations made by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and is about to discussed in Greek Parliament around the 15th of May.

As the sources of Government are saying; the two main factors that will compose the shops which can take advantage of that measure will be the definition will be given on tourist area and the length of the tourist season.


Christina Zotou


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