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Special tax on luxury goods

What do we call “luxury tax” and on which goods it levied on? How does this tax refunded? 


Luxury tax has been confirmed from the provisions of article 17 of law 3833/2010, and it’s changed recently from the new government bill 4389/2016, article 12, starting from 01.06.2016. 


It is enforced on the Net Value of: 

  • Intra-Community trade 

  • Imports 

  • Domestic Market 


Some goods (for examples) with their rates: 

  • Animals Leather - 10% 

  • Fur coats – 10% 

  • Silk, pearls, diamonds, valuable stones – 10% 

  • Jewelry, Large-value watches- 10% 

  • Private jets, Hydroplane and private Helicopters -20% 


Basic exceptions from this tax: 

  • Domestic-made furs with wholesale services between Internal Companies 

  • Jewelries of a value less than 1.000,00 € 


Tax refunds take place: 

  • For Private jets, Hydroplane and private Helicopters, at customs offices no matter the origin country. 

  • For the importing goods, at customs offices, when they are ready for consumption.  

  • For Intra-Community trades and the domestically goods, tax refunds at the competent tax authority*. 


Indebted for tax payment: 

  • For local produced goods: Producer 

  • For intracommunal goods: Receiver 



*Tax declarations is submitting at tax office for all types of companies, in two copies, only for the period that the company is obligated to submit luxury tax. Tax refunds at the 26th of the next month from the last taxation period. 

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