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Sgardelis Panagiotis
Founder & CEO


M :+30 6942057300

Panagiotis Sgardelis is a young and dynamic entrepreneur in the advisory business sector. Since the mid-2000s, is actively involved in many companies in Greece and abroad, through the Analog Group companies, SaaS Consulting Ltd and Analog S.A., which is Founder and CEO.

Graduate of the Economic University of Piraeus, Internal Auditor Certification holder (CIA) and Accountant License A class, he began his professional career in 1993 at the Economics Department of a large multinational shipbuilding company. In 2001 he decides to get involved intensively with the audit, choosing to work with one of the largest audit firms internationally.

Both his dynamic nature and his need for implementation of innovative ideas in the business sector, he established in 2006 his first company.

Today, as founder of two companies in the sector of integrated financial services, has entered into a strategic partnership with Rotenberg Meril (NY), one of the largest auditing firms worldwide.

Mysiris Alexandros


Mysiris Alexandros, with his many years of experience and having done a very demanding job with excellent results, has been COO since October 1, 2019.

Graduate of the Accounting Department of Piraeus and being Accountant License A class with many years of experience in the financial industry and good organizational skills.

The new organizational structure will make a significant contribution to the further improvement of the company's activities and to the achievement of its objective, which is to provide integrated services and meet the needs of its customers.

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