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The decision of the Ministry of Finance, which re-defines the commencement of the production of the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries on 3/3/2020 as well as the expiry of the deadline for completing the necessary data set on 1/5/2020, was published.

March 05, 2020

Under the new standard regulation, debtors are able to settle their debts to the tax office in 24 or 48 installments, provided that the debtor is not subject to any regulation until November 1, 2019

By A.1025 / 2020 Decision of the Governor of AADE, persons obliged to submit a provisional declaration of return for withholding income tax from paid work and pensions, who submitted monthly certificates with detailed records in accordance with the provisions of A.1099 / 2019 Decision, do not submit an annual remuneration certificate.

February 07, 2020

According to the relevant circular, cash registers who have been issued by POL (duplicate ministerial circular) 1234/2002 & 1135/2005 and do not have the ability to interface online with the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) regarding data  sending, have to be withdrawn by May 31st.

Significant increases in pensions are expected to be provided to those with over 30 years of insurance and a salary of more than 1.500€.

Submitting periodic reports is mandatory. According to the article of the Code of Conduct No. 6 of Law 57088 / 24-12-2013, the Accountant-Tax preparer must provide his professional services in accordance with the applicable law.

With the activation of the e-books and their mandatory observance since April 2020, e-invoicing is about to begin, optionally in the first phase and with the aim of becoming mandatory for everyone gradually.

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