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Open shops on Sundays!

The operation of the stores on Sundays has been established, following the publication of the Gazette of 7th July, referred to in paragraph 1A of art. 16 of Law 4177/2013. Based on the above article, it is allowed the optional operation of shops, 32 Sundays per year, from May to October, except from the second Sunday of August. These are areas in the center of Athens, Piraeus and the Regional Unity of the Southern District of Athens, the historical center of Thessaloniki and the area around Athens International Airport. The selection of these areas was based on a basic criterion, the high tourist traffic and consumption during the year, as the ministerial decision says.

Central and tourist roads like Ermou, Leof. King George, Poseidonos and Vouliagmenis Avenue, as well as large department stores such as Attica and McArthurglen Athens, will be among those that will operated on Sundays.

The areas which detailed:

  • The center of Athens

  • The section of Poseidonos Avenue, which is included in the municipalities of Kallithea, Paleo Faliro, Alimou, Argyroupoli - Ellinikou and Glyfada.

  • The area of the Municipality of Piraeus which is enclosed by the streets: Gr. Lambraki, Akti Moutsopoulou, 2nd Merarchia, Akti Miaouli, Akti Poseidonos, Akli Kallimaiosi , Flying, Kekropos and Karaoli and Demetriou.

  • The area of the Municipality of Kallithea, which is enclosed by the streets of Egeos, Evripidou, Zervou, Agia Lavra, Cremou, Harokopou, Demosthenous, Skra, Aristidou, Olympia, Iatridou, Platonos, Sparta, El. Venizelou Avenue, Pericles, Metamorphosis, Praxiteles, Isminis, Thalis, Peisistratos, Hermes Square. Polytechniou to Poseidonos Avenue.

  • The area of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro that extends from Amphithea Avenue to Poseidonos Avenue.

  • The area of the Municipality of Alimos, which is enclosed by the streets of Ellis, Eleftheria, Thucydides, Athanasios Diakou, Kotopouli, P. Mela, Eptanissos, Alimou Avenue and Poseidonos Avenue.

  • The area of the Municipality of Glyfada, which extends from Vouliagmenis Avenue to Poseidonos Avenue.

  • The Property section of Athens International Airport, which operates as a Commercial Park.

  • The part of the historical center of Thessaloniki, which is enclosed by Egnatia, 26th October, Karatasou, Admiral Kountouriotou, Niki Avenue, Pavlou Mela, Professor Antonios Keramopoulos and Stefanos Tattis.

In the remaining areas of Greece, it is still possible to open commercial stores on a voluntary basis the eight Sundays, as defined by the same law (Law 4717/2013, art. 1, par. 16).

Katerina Volakaki

Analog Group

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