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The new debt settlement was locked in 36 to 72 installments.


The victims of the health crisis have the opportunity to repay the debts created during the period of the health crisis in three years without the payment of interest or in 6 years with a low interest rate. Businesses based on the KAD April 2020, property owners, employees who were suspended and the unemployed who were registered with OAED during the health crisis have the right to join the new special regulation that will begin in January 2022. The new regulation has already decided with the institutions and the formal details remain, say officials of the Ministry of Finance who will unlock the new regulation up to 72 installments.

As the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras (ERT) stated yesterday, he will cover all the tax and insurance debts that have been created since last March when the pandemic broke out until today. In particular, the final draft of the regulation that will be on the table of today's teleconference of the financial staff with the heads of institutions in the context of the 11th post-memorandum evaluation provides:

1. The new regulation can include all debts to the Tax Office and the Insurance Funds created from March 2020 until today. This means that both the taxes and insurance contributions of the first lockdown that have been "frozen" until the end of 2021 are regulated, as well as the debts from taxes and contributions created after June 2020 until today. That is, the regulation of 36 interest-free or 72 low-interest installments includes:

- All unregulated debts certified at the Tax Offices and the Control Centers (VAT, Employee Services Tax, inheritance tax, donation or parental benefit tax, additional taxes and fines for tax and customs controls).

- All debts certified to the Tax Offices and the Control Centers that were overdue. - Income tax and ENFIA. - All insurance contributions that have not been paid.

2. Installments: With the new scheme of the regulation, the debts of the pandemic can be repaid in 36 interest-free installments or in 72 low-interest installments. The average interest rate will be around 2.5%. 3. The new regulation concerns four categories of citizens and businesses:

- Businesses and professionals included in the expanded list of affected KAD April 2020. - Employees who were placed on suspension or participated in the SYN-Labor program. - Property owners who have received reduced rents and have submitted a Covid declaration.

It is noted that the old arrangements will be opened for those affected who lost them. Essentially, those who were included in the 100-120 installment arrangements and failed to meet their obligations to be reinstated in the midst of a pandemic will be given the right to be reinstated. Missed doses will be transferred at the end of the adjustment.


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