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The completion of the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries has begun

The decision of the Ministry of Finance, which re-defines the commencement of the production of the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries on 3/3/2020 as well as the expiry of the deadline for completing the necessary data set on 1/5/2020, was published.




«1. The commencement of the productive operation of the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries is set on 3/3/2020. The procedure for registration of the data referred to in paragraph 2 shall be carried out for all obliged persons in accordance with Annex A, which shall form an integral part of this Decision from 3/3/2020 to 1/5/2020.


2. Obliged persons who have already registered in accordance with No. 67343 / EX / 19.6.2019 “Regulation of specific issues related to the observance and registration procedure in the Central Register of Real Rights referred to in Articles 20 and 21 of Law 4557 / 2018 '(B 2443), 73900/2019 (B' 2718) and 121950/2019 (B 3977) decisions of the Minister of Finance, are not required to register again, but they may be subject to any necessary modifications due to the upgrade of the system.

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