In early 2006, Sgardelis Panagiotis, an accomplished professional in auditing industry, with years of experience in the field of leading global industrials, establishes; SaaS Consulting;.

The vision was to create a company that provides specialized
accounting and tax services, with particular emphasis on accounting
management. "SaaS Consulting" succeeds remarkable progress in concluding agreements with major companies in trade and construction industry, and establishes long-term relationships with its clients.

​Later in 2014, the consulting firm "Analog SA" is founded, based in privately own offices in Piraeus. The company knows great success - mainly in internal audit of leading companies with significant national and international activity.

In 2016 the company "Analog SA" becomes partners with American giant in the field of auditing, "Rotenberg Meril", based in New York, thus consolidating its activity worldwide.

​Nowadays, the two companies synthesize, the “Analog Group”, with
main goal comprehensive services aiming to meet the needs of clients
across the spectrum of financial management.
development, years of experience and direct adaptation to constantly
changing legislative environment, gives the company a distinct
competitive advantage.