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In early 2006, Sgardelis Panagiotis, an accomplished professional in the auditing industry, with extensive experience in leading multinational companies, has found  "SaaS Consulting".

With a vision of creating a company that provides specialized accounting and tax services, with particular emphasis on accounting management, "SaaS Consulting" has in its record remarkable progress in concluding agreements with major companies in the trade and construction industry and has built longstanding relationships with its customers.

Later, in 2014, the consulting firm "Analog SA" was established, which is based in its own offices in Piraeus. The company is making as much success - mainly in internal audit of large companies which are operating both inside and outside the Greek territory.

In 2016 the company "Analog SA" proceeds in partnership with US giant in the field of auditing, the "Rotenberg Meril", located in New York, thus consolidating its activity worldwide.

Today, the two companies form a group, the Analog Group, aiming at comprehensive services and to meet the needs of customers across the spectrum of financial management. Continuous development, years of experience and direct adaptation to constantly changing legislative environment, gives the company a distinct competitive advantage.

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