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  1. Bookkeeping

  2. Applying Accounting Plan

  3. Establishment, Change & liquidation of natural and legal persons

  4. Preparation & submission of tax declarations for legal and natural persons

  5. Drafting Financial Statements

  6. Manage publication process of Minutes (board, general assembly)

  7. Sales Statistics & Presentation

  8. Aging Analysis Report

  9. Coordination and control of selected accounting program

  10. Informing the Management for changes to the legislative framework

  11. Task manager E-04, obligations monitoring

Payroll and HR
  1. Monthly payroll

  2. Drafting of payroll statements

  3. Drafting & submitting periodic social security declarations

  4. Issue monthly payment receipts

  5. Preparation of payroll withholding tax statements

  6. Issuance of annual salary statement and withholding tax

  7. Staff evaluation

  8. Continuous updating of Management for changes to the legislative framework

  9. Task manager E-04, obligations monitoring

Application of the International Financial
Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  1. Drafting IFRS Financial Statements

  2. Training company staff according to International Accounting Standards

  3. Compilation and conversion of financial statements

  4. Task manager E-04, obligations monitoring

Financial Services
  1. Analysis of Financial Statements

  2. Corporate actions (Merge, spin off etc.)

  3. Business plan

  4. Weekly & monthly cash flow statement

  5. Drafting and implementation production cost statement

  6. Control & report of due diligence

  7. Task manager E-04, obligations monitoring

Internal Audit
  1. Creating a control folder (i-folder and hard copy)

  2. Preparation of control timeline

  3. Implementation of internal control

  4. Monitoring-interviews-recommendations-internal audit recommendations

  5. Internal control report

  6. Monitoring implementation of internal control

  7. Report to Management for the process of internal control

  8. Task manager E-04, obligations monitoring

Reassessment, Revision, Activity Report of
Construction Companies

1. Reassessment - Revision

  • Send to company the full list of required documents

  • Editing the certificates of auditors

  • Evaluation of project certificates

  • Completion of the technical fiche

  • Preparation of technical folder with the required documents

2. Activity Repor

  • Evaluation of the financial and other required documents, regarding theminimum rating limits

  • Reporting on the assessment of its size relative to the criteria which willbe held the next re-examination

  • Evaluation of the company in compare with the required criteria for thenext re-examination

Accounting and Tax Services
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