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List of stores that will remain open from today

New statement by Undersecretary of State for Civil Protection, Mr. N. Chardalias, set out on which businesses will be closed from today, 18/3/2020, and which will remain open.

The Undersecretary of State stated the following:

From today Wednesday, 18/3/2020 the retail businesses that deal with the public is suspended, that is to say, the operation of commercial stores is suspended.

The following remain open:

All retail businesses selling items that meet family needs, namely:

  • Super Markets

  • Grocery stores

  • Fish shops

  • Bakeries

  • Pastry shops

  • Fruit and vegetable stores

  • Liquor stores

  • Pharmacies

  • Wheelchair and orthopedic stores as well as medical and industrial gas and machinery stores

  • Opticians as well as Hearing Aid Shops after telephone contact on an emergency phone provided by the shopkeepers

  • Delivery and take-away activities

  • Open markets only in the part that primary products are sold (subject to non-overcrowding restrictions)

  • Gas stations

  • Car and motorcycle workshops including workshops operating within vertically integrated retail and after sales units

  • Bicycle repair and trading shops

  • Kiosks and mini markets or convenience stores

  • Dry cleaners

  • Courier shops

  • Pet shops (stores selling pets and pet food or veterinary drugs)

  • Telecommunications carriers [in so far as it relates to payment services for balance renewal, repair and replacement of mobile devices (subject to non-overcrowding restrictions)].

  • E-commerce or commerce by phone offering home delivery services (subject to non-overcrowding restrictions)

  • Stores of electricity carriers and gas companies

  • Pesticide Stores for Propagating Fertilizers and Pesticides or Materials

  • Retail stores within ports and airports throughout the country (subject to non-overcrowding restrictions)


The banning does not affect stores as long as they carry out online orders delivered to the customer's address.

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