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In September, periousiologio in Parliament

Until mid-September, the law on property rights is expected to be submitted to the House. The ID will act as a mobile and real estate control for taxpayers and businesses.

It is expected to be a dominant tool for combating tax evasion, looking to the inflow of revenue into state funds.


ΕΛΣΤΑΤ: Rise of 1.5% in the construction price index of new residential buildings

General Building Price Index of New Residential Buildings, with base year 2010 = 100.0 and reference month in July 2018, compared with July 2017, showed an increase of 1.5%, against a 0.1% decrease comparison of the corresponding indicators for the year 2017 to 2016.


Banks led to an increase in the Χ.Α.

With strong gains, stock prices closed at the first session of the week, leveraging bank stocks, while turnover remained at low levels. The shares of Piraeus, PPC, Jumbo and Ethnikis were overtaken. The General Price Index closed at 736.27 points, recording an increase of 1.58%.


IAPR: When does the tax notification commitment expire?

Clarifications for the suspension of the tax evasion, in cases that arose after a tax audit, were issued by the Independent Public Revenue Authority.


What if a tax refund error occurs

The possibility of requesting a refund of tax refunds from banks due to an error has the State. These are money, which is deposited in non-interest-bearing transitional accounts because taxpayers who are entitled to this refund do not have a bank account themselves.