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Under the new tax bill, which has been put to the public consultation, several amendments have been made, such as:


  • Reduction of the corporate tax rate from 28% to 24%

  • Establishment of a 9% introductory tax rate for persons, freelancers, farmers, employees and retirees, from 22% which is today

  • Reduction of the income tax advance to 95% of the resulting tax on legal entities

  • Increase of the nontaxable income per 1,000€ for each protected member

  • Exemption from the solidarity levy for all individuals with special needs with a disability rate of over 80%

  • VAT reduction for infant goods from 24% to 13%

  • Reduction of VAT on motorcyclist helmets and baby seats from 24% to 23%

  • Dividend tax rate is reduced from 10% to 5%

  • Suspension of VAT imposition on buildings licensed from 01/01/2006 onwards, and the capital gains tax on the conveyance of cars

  • Decrease of the limit from 500€ to 300€ for cash transactions. Purchases over 300€ must be made through electronic transactions.

  • Employees, retirees, freelancers and earners should spend 30% of their actual income by electronic means, with a penalty of 22% on the difference, in case that the above limit is not reached.

  • The amount of the solidarity levy is not included in the calculation of the actual income.


The new tax scale regarding income tax in 2020:

Income (salaries, pensions, business activities)

HR Department

Analog Group

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